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Five ways to pitch a project idea

Five ways to pitch a project ideaBCCL
Five ways to pitch a project idea
Text: Varuni Khosla, ET Bureau

When a topic piques your interest, seek more information. Read, research and broaden your knowledge base. That’s the best way to pitch your project idea. ET speaks to experts on some good ways to execute projects well.
Identify the needBCCL
Identify the need
Drawing from the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, think about how your idea is unique; how will it add value to your target audience and how you will implement your idea. “You must focus on the need of your audience to get a clear purpose and help make meaningful impact,” says Priya Joshi, managing director, human resources business partner–Accenture.
You must be clear about what is the “innovation” in your idea; how unique and how different it is and what benefits it offers. “Talk about the problem at hand and how your idea provides the solution. The key to this is to provide a unique entity that will act as a differentiator from competitor ideas,” says Ajay Chhangani, CEO, Rise India.
Concept must be clearBCCL
Concept must be clear
The concept of the idea must be clear. “This will provide a platform for the idea to shine. Before drafting a plan, one must back the idea with extensive research during the pitching phase. Goals and checkpoints add credibility to the pitch. They show that the idea is good enough to be implemented. Also, the convincing capability of the pitcher/owner is also enhanced through clear conceptualisation. It shows that the person means business,” says Aniketh Jain, founder of Solutions Infini.
Feedback is keyBCCL
Feedback is key
“Try to obtain as much feedback as possible from friends and teammates before pitching your idea. If you can, conduct an online survey; this will help you fine tune your pitch,” says Joshi of Accenture.
​ Look at scalabilityBCCL
​ Look at scalability
It is common for pitchers to get carried away with the “innovation” and forget the real-time logistics in hand. Some ideas are nothing short of brilliance, yet get shot down due to lack of scalability, which adds the reasoning factor. “Setting a target and means to deliver it should be clearly elucidated, too. No investor looks for boots bigger than the size of the feet. Putting out data and charts into the pitch proves you mean business,” says Chhangani.
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