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Six things to remember before meeting VCs

Six steps: A VC’s guide to funding your startupBCCL
Six steps: A VC’s guide to funding your startup
Text: Saikat Pyne, Businessinsider

Shubhankar Bhattacharya is partner at Kae Capital, a leading Indian venture capitalist (VC) firm investing in early stage startups. He has browsed through thousands of pitches and met hundreds of startups.

Shubhankar was once an entrepreneur. His startup Yaqsh wanted to tap into India’s $60 billion jewellery market. Unfortunately, it died due to lack of funding.

In his book, he busts the myths around VCs and entrepreneurs. Here is an entrepreneur-turned-VC’s guide to avoid rejection and get your startup funded.
VCs appreciate referralsBCCL
VCs appreciate referrals
VCs appreciate referrals. This can be from other investors, companies in their portfolio or people in their network. This validates you over a complete cold deal.
Make use of your connectionsBCCL
Make use of your connections
If you’re trying to pitch to a fund, the best way forward is to find out if someone in your network is connected. Use that connection to land an introduction.
Don’t beat around the bushBCCL
Don’t beat around the bush
Once introduced, reach out personally. Bring up the fact directly – that you’re looking out for funding. Don’t beat around the bush. Convoluted messages don’t work. Offer a presentation. Just 10-15 slides that communicate all-important information.
Phone call is a positiveBCCL
Phone call is a positive
If the VC likes what he/she sees, they’ll invite you for a meeting or call.
Nail the time, place and dateBCCL
Nail the time, place and date
The important thing here is to figure the logistics of the meeting. Nail the time, place and date. Make it definite. Don’t leave it vague and up in the air.
Don't lose your coolBCCL
Don't lose your cool
Most pitches end on a note. If a VC says no, the important thing is not to lose your cool. If you’re that good, it’s the VC’s loss. There are a hundred others to reach out to.
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