Why Take Investment Risks ?| Risk Zaroori Hai by Radhika Gupta

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As we know, India is on its journey to becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2025. In this video Edelweiss Mutual Fund, CEO- Radhika Gupta explains the multifold increase in financial assets that is to take place in India on it's journey towards financial freedom. From a country of 11% MF to GDP penetration to a journey of 40-50% GDP penetration which is in line with the rest of the world is what India is aiming at.

The below tips in investing can help both novice and experienced investors with their investment journey:

1. The real returns (net of inflation) in FDs in many years are negative. In the contrast the real return of equities from 2001 to 2018 are over 170%. While equities involve risk, they also let you reap considerable benefits. To invest in equity funds, you can visit https://www.edelweissmf.com/types-of-...

2. Don't stop your SIP investments. Use the power of tools like SIPs or dynamic asset allocation funds, to take advantage of times in market history, for instance, so you can benefit from events, rather than be rattled by them. To learn more about SIP investments visit https://www.edelweissmf.com/invest-in...

3. Markets have delivered a CAGR of over 14% of the Sensex since 2001, so staying investing for the long run will eventually prove beneficial. To learn how to choose long term mutual funds to invest in visit https://www.edelweissmf.com/investor-...

Also, to know more on the different types of mutual funds to invest in visit https://www.edelweissmf.com/types-of-...

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