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Have coronavirus symptoms? Here's what to do and what not

​SymptomsGetty Images
If you feel like you have any flu-like symptoms - cough, fever, an itchy throat - and suspect that you have the coronavirus, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do.
​Do isolate yourselfGetty Images
​Do isolate yourself
The first and best step is to isolate yourself - stay inside your room for a minimum of 14 days and stay clean.
Do call the helplineGetty Images
Do call the helpline
Call the government helpline and list out your symptoms and their severity, if needed they will send someone to take a swab sample.
Do make a listGetty Images
Do make a list
Make a list of everyone you’ve met in the last few days - especially if you’ve had travel history - and inform them you’re feeling symptoms and are under isolation.
​Do contact your doctorGetty Images
​Do contact your doctor
Contact a family doctor who has a record of your medical history and will alert you if you need to go to a hospital, especially if you have a history of respiratory difficulties.
​Do not go to a government hospitalGetty Images
​Do not go to a government hospital
For your safety and for the safety of others, avoid rushing to a hospital as most are crowded and you will only increase risk of spread.
​Do not panicGetty Images
​Do not panic
The virus has only severely affected a very small fraction of infected people, the symptoms should abate in a week or 10 days - focus on staying isolated and clean.
​Do not use WhatsAppGetty Images
​Do not use WhatsApp
Well, you can, but please do not test home remedies forwarded on family groups and more importantly stay away from fake news.
​Do not crowdGetty Images
​Do not crowd
Inside the house, make sure to keep away from family members especially elders - they are the ones who face real risk if infected.


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