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Traders body urges govt not to ban but regulate e-cigarettes

Alternative to tobaccoAP
Alternative to tobacco
With over 100 million smokers in India, regulations and education can be the key to provide safer alternative to tobacco smoking. Though Indian government has been planning to ban e-cigarettes in India, experts and the traders have been demanding that instead of banning these products, regulation can be the key which could help Indian get over traditional smoking which many believe is way more dangerous than e-cigarettes.
Necessity for e-cigaretteBCCL
Necessity for e-cigarette
Speaking to media, Lindsay Mark Lewis, Executive Director and Board Member, Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) claimed that banning e-cigarettes would result into a big fatal for public health in India as these devices can help millions of smokers in India to quit smoking and also save bystanders from the dangerous smoke.

"It is necessary that e-cigarettes are kept in Indian markets, if you see some issues with excessive use then put in regulations like a minimum age of usage. But banning these products would end up giving a big blow to Indian economy and the public health," Lewis said.
Reduction in smoking rates BCCL
Reduction in smoking rates
Among the other experts who have been writing to the Indian government against e-cigarette ban was Patrick Basham, Director, Democracy Institute, Washington DC. In his letter to Prime Minister's Office (PMO), Basham wrote, "Countries where e-cigarettes or heated tobacco products are allowed have seen dramatic reductions in smoking rates and limited use among youth and nonsmokers."

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) also wrote to the Health ministry demanding that e-cigarettes must not be banned.
Views from global health centresAP
Views from global health centres
It has been established by leading public health bodies like the Public Health England that ENDS are at least 95 percent less harmful than cigarettes and globally, these products are being used to strengthen tobacco control measures of various countries like UK, Canada, New Zealand," CAIT wrote in its letter to the Health Ministry.

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