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Want to impress followers? Hire a private jet for your Instagram photo

Hire a private jetThinkStock Photos
Hire a private jet
If you always wanted to be seen with a private jet but can't afford to buy one, here's your chance. You can now hire a private jet to pose with it for a photo.
Private Jet StudioThinkStock Photos
Private Jet Studio
Private Jet Studio, a Russian company, offers you a chance to get that dream Instagram photo.
PhotoshootThinkStock Photos
Private Jet Studio, which is based out of Moscow, offers jets for two-hour photoshoots along with a personal photographer.
CostThinkStock Photos
You need to spend anywhere between Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,40,720 to get pictures that will make your friends go green with envy.
Make-up professionalsThinkStock Photos
Make-up professionals
The company also offers hair and make-up professionals at an additional cost.
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