As work from home becomes the new normal, employee burnout is on the rise globally

Employee burnoutAgencies
Employee burnout
During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become the new normal and employees are finding it difficult to draw a line between office and home spatially. There have been instances of them facing ‘burnout’ because of repeated anxiety issues.
Fighting burnoutGetty Images
Fighting burnout
A change in lifestyle, using stress minimisation techniques, regular revaluation of personal goals, considering redefining job roles, taking on challenging projects are some of the ways people can choose to rediscover the spark and deal with their burnout. Often taking a short break can also help in this regard, reports IANS.
OYO takes the leadGetty Images
OYO takes the lead
Starting August, OYO has shifted to a strict 5-day work week for employees across all teams. During weekends and holidays, none of the employees shall be allowed to attend work calls, meetings or messages. Managers will ensure that employees are taking a personal time-out and availing their holidays, besides the mandated work hours. There shall be no review meetings on Mondays so that employees need not prepare for them on weekends.
Google says relaxAgencies
Google says relax
Google has announced a three-day weekend to ensure employee well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees will be able to take Friday off and in case there is an important engagement on that day, the third weekly off can be swapped with another day.
Do not work from home policyGetty Images
Do not work from home policy
PhonePe introduced a ‘do not work from home’ policy that meant employees could get three-day weekends. Employees were told to keep their laptops off during holidays.
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