NTT report highlights employee well-being at the forefront during the COVID pandemic

Employee needs at forefrontAgencies
Employee needs at forefront
According to a report by ET, 96% of organisations believe employee needs will be at the heart of the future workplace design, according to a new survey. The 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report ‘Shaping Employee Experiences for a World Transformed’ by global technology services company NTT highlights that the pandemic has put employee well-being at the forefront of the business agenda. Almost four-fifths (90%) of organisations agree that home-working during the pandemic has been challenging for employees. Connectivity and workspace issues such as bandwidth, a feeling of isolation and a lack of dedicated workspace have all contributed to their concerns.
Providing for a distributed workforceGetty Images
Providing for a distributed workforce
As the world continues to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19, organisations must develop a more robust strategy to permanently provide for their distributed workforce. While 92% of companies recognise the value of employee experience as a crucial strategic differentiator, just 49% are very satisfied with their current capability.
Tackling IT security capabilitiesGetty Images
Tackling IT security capabilities
For now, a third of all businesses (39%) have changed their IT policy to help employees work within a new operating model and half (59%) have deployed new communication and productivity tools. In many cases, employees have been left to use their personal devices and applications which has rapidly increased the risk of security vulnerabilities. In fact, only 64% have increased their IT security capabilities to keep their organisation and employees secure.
Being ahead of the curveGetty Images
Being ahead of the curve
“How businesses combat the challenges posed by Covid-19 and re-shape their workplace strategy, will lay the foundation for an entire generation’s future of working. Businesses must react with agility and purpose. We’re seeing companies driving change in real-time compared to months if not years previously. Those who were already ahead of the game in employee experience – making brave, data-driven, human-led decisions are now in a much stronger position in creating a supportive culture,” said Pranay Anand, senior director of Intelligent Workplace, Asia Pacific at NTT.
Rethinking workplace strategiesGetty Images
Rethinking workplace strategies
Leaders must now look at employee experience more comprehensively and holistically than they have in the past, KN Murali, senior director – human resources and alliances at NTT, told ET. “Rethinking workplace strategies by accounting for aspects such as employee well-being, flexibility and sustainability, by designing and creating spaces that support activity-based working using intelligent technology and digitisation, will create workplace environments that shape superior employee experiences and enable increased productivity and profitability.
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