Deepak Parekh lists 3 non-negotiable qualities that a business leader must have

By Maleeva Rebello, ET Bureau | Updated February 14, 2020, 08.02AM IST

The full house at a South Mumbai auditorium was respectfully quiet. You could hear the whispers of ushers. HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh was addressing a packed gathering, including startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, on the art of building a strong brand, a few days ago. “I am often asked what is it that builds successful institutions,” the 75-year-old Parekh

everyone to learn from both groups. “Be kind, because most people will not remember the work you do, they will remember how you make them feel,” Parekh said. “Always make time for yourself and for people above 70 like me and under the age of six. You will be amazed how much more you can learn from them.”

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