Stay Fit! Apple Watch Series 6 Wins Over Health Freaks With Oxygen Monitor, ECG & Fitness Tracker

All Health Metrics At One PlaceiStock
All Health Metrics At One Place
At its much-awaited September event, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6, sequel to Watch Series 5, which keeps a track of all your fitness parameters at one place. It comes with various features such as ECG, fitness tracker and can also monitor the blood oxygen levels of the users.

What’s more? Given the Covid outbreak, the company has also partnered with various health organisations to see how blood oxygen level and heart rate can help users stay healthy.

The ability of the Apple Watch to monitor blood oxygen seeks to beat a similar feature already available on watches from rival Fitbit Inc, which Alphabet Inc's Google is buying for $2.1 billion.

With all the health metrics available at one place, here’s why Apple Watch Series 6 can give a tough competition to Fitbit and emerge as the go-to gadget for all fitness enthusiasts.
Let’s Go For A Trek!iStock
Let’s Go For A Trek!
Going trekking comes with its own set of challenges, especially because the oxygen levels tend to nosedive as the altitude increases. However, with the new Apple Watch Series 6, you can monitor your real time oxygen level as the height increases.

What’s more? The watch will also show the changes in the elevation in real time along with the variations in the oxygen level. With Apple Watch Series 6, you can keep a constant check on your blood oxygen levels as you travel to higher altitudes.
Personalised Tips With Fitness+iStock
Personalised Tips With Fitness+
Apple, at its event, also launched a virtual fitness service called Fitness+. With Fitness+, Apple Watch Series 6 will give you personalised fitness and health tips, suggest workouts from fitness trainers and offer programmes designed for beginners and experienced health enthusiasts.

The Apple watch also offers flexibility to workout from anywhere and keeps the users motivated. Using a custom recommendation engine, Fitness+ considers previously completed workouts and intelligently suggests new options that match the workouts users select most often, or something fresh to balance their current routine.

When a workout is selected and started on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, the correct workout type will automatically start on Apple Watch. During the session, the metrics from Apple Watch are shown on the screen.

Each week, the team of Fitness+ trainers will deliver fresh workouts from the studio across a range of lengths, disciplines, and music genres so there are always new workouts to explore.

Sounds like bang for the buck!
Wash Your Hands!iStock
Wash Your Hands!
The Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a new feature that is much-needed given the times we are living in. The watch can automatically detect when the users are washing their hands.

As soon as the washing detective recognises the motion and sound, it recommends the user to continue washing their hands for at least 20 seconds.

A life-saving feature? You bet!
Perfect For Festive Gifting!iStock
Perfect For Festive Gifting!
Apple Watch Series 6 will cost customers Rs 40,900 for the GPS model and Rs 49,900 for the GPS + Cellular model in India. If you wish to add a dash of luxe to your Diwali gifts this year, you can go for Apple Watch Series 6.

If you are wary of shelling out Rs 40,000, fret not! The good folks at Apple have also launched a lower-cost watch, being called the Apple Watch SE, being touted by the company as the perfect watch for new customers.

The Apple Watch SE (GPS) starts at Rs 29,900 and Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) starts at Rs 33,900. It will be available soon through Apple Authorised Resellers.

Sounds like the perfect Diwali gift, doesn’t it?
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