Private banks are technically well-positioned: Julius de Kempenaer

India is on the international map, and not being looked as an EM at all, says Kempenaer.

ETMGS 2019: Fundamentals of market technicals with Julius De Kempenaer
Mumbai: Indian private banks are well–positioned currently, while one can avoid the IT space, shows Relative Rotation Graphs (RRGs), which were created by Julius de Kempenaer.

RRGs are a unique visualisation tool for relative strength analysis. This tool can be used by chartists to analyse the relative strength trends of several securities against a common benchmark, and against each other.

“Indian market is on the international map, and not being looked as an emerging market at all,” Kempenaer said at ETMarkets Global Summit on Friday.

“India is internationally on the map. Nifty was not visible 15 years ago, but today it is there, and the reason is liquidity,” he added.

RRGs can compare multiple sectors at once, in comparison to multiply graphs required for the RSI index, said Kempenaer, Founder and Director of RRG Research, based in the Netherlands.

“It can be used as a trading model, it was never meant to be one though, It was more of a visualisation tool,” he added.

The rotation in RRG is always clockwise, and is best on the weekly time frame, but there are people who use it on a 5-minute interval. In RRG, length of the tail defines the power behind the movement.





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