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Auto sales pick up, air quality doesn't

02:54 Min | October 28, 2019, 6:31 PM IST
While the good news is that Auto sales saw a 5-7% increase, after six months of constant decline, Delhi's air quality has taken a hit, and touched 398 today. This and more in ET's Daily Rundown
Diwali's over.

But its after effects are still in the air. Hello Im Deepshikha Rahi

And Im Poorabi Gaekwad. Welcome to ET’s Daily Rundown

National capital Delhi's air quality plummeted to the 'severe' category for the first time this season.

Even though the Supreme Court has allocated a two-hour limit for bursting crackers.

But it looks like many did not stick by the rules as the city's air quality index stood at 398 today at 5pm.

To put that in perspective, anything above 150 is considered unhealthy. And the capital's numbers are more than double of that.

Even though the government has been pushing for people to use alternative, eco-friendly patakas, the trend of using conventional firecrackers kept up.

Very clearly.

Clear can't really be used to describe Delhi for a long time.

And I thought this year I won't have to use a mask to go out.

It's not just the firecrackers that are causing this. The ongoing months also see a lot of stubble burning.

Which is up by 5% this year.

But if you think about it, the numbers are kind of good news.

How so?

Well, last year the air quality was at 642, which is severe.

The numbers are definitely down this year. But it's not enough.

Fine I have another good news then.

And that is?

The Auto sector saw a small bump in sales during the festive season.

Sales were up by 5-7% this month.

After six months of constant decline.

But two-wheeler sales haven't seen a rise. Which isn't good.

And experts are saying its too early to take a call on whether this will change anytime soon.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Diwali is the most important time of the year for consumer durable sales.

And this Diwali is the most crucial one for India in 10 years.

The country has been on a slowdown trend for quite a while now.

And if consumer durable sales grow by even 6%, it will be a huge relief for companies.

Because of the attractive offers, and bonuses, consumption usually picks up around this time.

But because everyone is facing flat-line incomes and a decline in jobs, its hard to say how the numbers will turn out.

We’ll just wait for another festive season to see if our theories are right.

In other news, Flipkart saw a 40% increase in losses for the year ending March 2019.

That amounts to about Rs 1,624 crore.

The unit did see an increase in operational revenue in fiscal year 2018 by 51%

And after Walmart acquired it, Flipkart saw an increase in employee expenses.

It doubled, actually.

Flipkart will probably find a way to plug its losses.

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