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Flipkart turns to groceries, Pixel 4 not coming to India

02:04 Min | October 16, 2019, 5:49 PM IST
In today's podcast we discuss Flipkart's new grocery service, how India wont be getting Google Pixel 4 anytime soon and more.
It’s going to be super busy at Flipkart soon
Isn’t it already
Well, more now - they’re planning to launch a grocery service too
Another online grocery service, oh god
True, there is a lot of competition - especially from fellow e-retailer Amazon
Plus, there are the OG sellers like Big Basket and Grofers
Flipkart will have to do a perfect launch just to keep up with the competition.
But of course, they have help from Walmart
Ah yes, FDI rules allows for 100% investment in food retail
Which really gives Flipkart a massive boost.

The big news today is the Ayodhya verdict
The case, which has been dragging along for years now is finally coming to a close
After CJI Ranjan Gogoi announced the Ayodhya hearing would end at 5PM today
A day earlier than the initial date set
The latest we hear is that arguments have been concluded
But the verdict is not out yet
There’s time till the 17th of November for that.

So, I have some bad news
Hit me
India won’t be getting the Pixel 4
Yep; Google is not bringing its flagship device to the motherland
Not that I could afford it anyway, but go on
Rumour has it that this is due to the 60 GHz band the new phone uses for FaceUnlock
What’s the issue again?
Well there are licensing issues for the 60GHz band in India, which Google can’t find a solution for
Either way, Pixels have never done very well in the market so no harm, no foul

But, Huawei is definitely coming to India
Only because they got banned in the States
Yes, but their loss, our gain man
Fair enough; and once the 5G spectrum gets sorted out - Huawei will have a bigger advantage
Yeah well they are pioneering 5G tech, so

Speaking of, Airtel is pushing for 5G
The service provider has partnered with Sweidsh telecom company Ericsson to get deploy 5G tech
But there still isn’t 5G in the country yet
This is for when there will be 5G, eventually.
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Script: Rahul Aripaka
Hosts: Rahul Aripaka, Poorabi Gaekwad
Producer: Poorabi Gaekwad
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