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Pollution alerts, unemployment and spyware

02:49 Min | November 01, 2019, 5:20 PM IST
Listen in as our hosts run through the news from the day - from a health hazard in New Delhi to Israeli spyware on Whatsapp. Tune in!
We are all going to die 7 years early

Why be so morbid?

The Air Quality Index says it all.

Delhi woke up this morning at AQI 459 after pollution levels breached the ‘severe+’ zone.

This is the first time that the air quality has dipped to emergency levels in the national capital this season. Such a situation was last seen in January 2019.

Pollution becomes the silent killer globally according to University of Chicago

..with India now being the second most polluted country in the world out of total 225 countries

Another morbid news for you.


We have reached a new high!

That sounds optimistic. Markets?

No that was yesterday. Jobless rate hits 8.5%, the highest in 3 years

That's a new benchmark. Reasons?

Industrial output shrank, infrastructure output contracted to its worst at 5.2%

But didn't they say the jobs actually increased in August?

They did but guess what, the rise was not in the formal sectors but in the informal including crop cultivation and poultry

In another news, Maruti has some good reason to celebrate

Don't leave me hanging there

The country's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) on Friday reported a 4.5 per cent increase in total sales as it sold about 1.5 lakh units this October

Ah, a major bonanza post diwali!

Not really. Ashok Leyland today reported a plunge of 35% in its total commercial vehicle sales at 9,857 units in October

While Mahindra and Mahindra reported an 11% decline in total sales at 51,896 units in October.

Trouble awaits Zuckerberg

Again? What now?

Whatsapp has confirmed that a commercial spyware called Pegasus attacked phones and believe it or not, all through a missed call

It is a rare form of spyware that can seize every item from a mobile without leaving any electronic trace.

And it did not get detected?

Well, that's the real challenge. Malicious links are the common routes compromising on the device but here Whatsapp became the doorway for Pegasus to enter the phones of Indian journalists and activists

Interestingly, this vulnerability was found by Whatsapp in May and even fixed. But almost five months later, here we are.

GST collections have risen this month compared to September

But it still remained below Rs 1 lakh crore despite improved festive demand

This is yet another month in a row when GST mop-up has slipped below Rs 1 lakh crore.

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