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An inside-the-box idea to stop cheating

What an idea!ANI
What an idea!
About 50 students of a pre-university college in Karnataka were forced to wear cartons to avoid copying in exams. The shocking incident, which took place last Wednesday, came to light when a video clip showing students of the co-educated private college writing the exams wearing cartons ostensibly to prevent them copying went viral on the social media.
Mid-term solutionANI
Mid-term solution
The students were writing papers in economics and chemistry subjects as part of the mid-term exams, conducted in their classroom. "Whatever be the purpose, they (students) cannot be made to wear cartons for writing exams. There is no rule or advice from us," an official told a news agency.
No peeping please!ANI
No peeping please!
The front side of the cartons were, however, were cut for the students to breathe and see but not peep left or right to see the answer sheets of the other students seated on the same bench.
Idea came from Bihar?ANI
Idea came from Bihar?
Defending the preventive action, college head M.B. Satish told the media that a college in Bihar had used a similar method to check rampant copying during exams and was widely appreciated on the social media. "We tried to see how it works as a trial and told the students in advance that boxes would be given to each of them to wear before writing the exam," he added.
Notice issuedANI
Notice issued
A notice has been issued to Bhagat Pre-University College seeking explanation for forcing its students wear cardboard boxes (cartons) while writing exams to prevent them from copying. The college is located in Haveri, which is 335 km from Bengaluru.
Not original
Not original
The Ethics and Values teacher at a school in Tlaxcala, Luis Juarez Texis (pictured at the back of the class), was probably the first to use this out-of-the-box idea to stop his students cheating during exams. He faced a parent backlash for putting cardboard boxes on their heads
Blink and you get caught
Blink and you get caught
This picture was taken at Kasetsart University in Bangkok where teachers created special 'blinkers' for their students to stop them cheating. Kasetsart University is a public university, ranked one of the best in Thailand and with a focus on agriculture, food, technology and innovation.
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