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India under 21-day lockdown: What's open and what's not

​Worried about the 21-day lockdown?AFP
​Worried about the 21-day lockdown?
On March 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day country wide lockdown to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

During the lockdown, here's everything that will be available and everything that won’t.
​Government officesBCCL - Non Copyright
​Government offices
All government offices will be shut down - with the exception of defence, central armed police forces, treasury, public utilities, disaster management, power generation and transmission units, and post offices.
​Commercial establishmentsBCCL - Non Copyright
​Commercial establishments
All commercial establishments - malls, theaters, etc. - will be closed.
​What's openReuters
​What's open
All essential services - food, water, medicines - are available as grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals will remain open.
Banks will remain open, but with limited functioning - withdrawals, deposits and transfers are possible, but banks are advising customers to use online banking as far as possible.
​What happens if you break lockdownGetty Images
​What happens if you break lockdown
Anyone arriving in the country after February 15 will go into mandatory quarantine. Obstructing a public official’s duty will land you in jail for a year or more, false claims - creating a panic, or falsifying sickness - will also cost you a few years and a fine.
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