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Indian 'Parotta masters' await to go back to China

Yearning to returnBCCL - Non Copyright
Yearning to return
'Indu Sui Bing' or 'Indian fly bread' makers who came back to India from China in the months of January and February want to return to their workplaces.
Served as dessertBCCL - Non Copyright
Served as dessert
Parotta, Tamil Nadu's street food, is served as a dessert in China. Parotta makers are in demand in China and have made successful careers making 'Indu Sui Bing' at hotels in China.
The delicacyBCCL - Non Copyright
The delicacy
Parottas can be stuffed with a variety of fruits or with spreads like peanut butter. The non-veg parottas can be stuffed with chicken, mutton. Parotta masters earn between Rs 40,000-Rs 50,000 a month in China.
Drop in incomeBCCL - Non Copyright
Drop in income
Those who have come back to India (in pic) due to the pandemic have witnessed a drop in their income. "I was making Rs 1 lakh a month before I flew to India due to COVID-19 on January 31," an ANI report quoted a Parotta maker from Puliyur as saying.
India-China tensionBCCL - Non Copyright
India-China tension
Despite the relations between India and China taking a hit recently, these parotta makers are looking for an opportunity to go back. "We are not experts to comment on government policies, international affairs, trade and commerce. All we want is go back to work and earn," the ANI report quoted another parotta maker as saying.


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