Through the Third Eye

Strange as it may sound, the BJP is yet to file a police complaint seeking an investigation into the recent theft of Rs 2.6 crore from the party HQ in Delhi.

Money woes
Strange as it may sound, the BJP is yet to file a police complaint seeking an investigation into the recent theft of Rs 2.6 crore from the party HQ in Delhi. Well, asking for that could potentially lead to other complications. Normally, the party treasurer maintains a record of those who contribute to party funds, but often that���s not done.

Thus, any police investigation may have to delve into the source of the cash. The way out, as the BJP has done, is to keep mum and not mention an FIR at all. But then, the resultant paranoia is manifest. BJP leaders now seem to suspect all strangers roaming around the Ashoka Road office.

Recently, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad went ballistic when he saw some unknown men climbing the roof of the party office. He only quietened down when he realised they were just linemen come to repair some phone lines for the party. Hmm. Maybe they need a POTA.

Great game in J&K
The new NC-Congress tie-up in J&K has created some piquant coalition issues. Normally, the president of the J&K Congress unit would be the pointsman of the Congress high command to deal with the NC on a day-to-day basis. But given that state PCC chief Saifuddin Soz is the famed NC renegade who joined the Congress five years ago, the AICC now realises there is a trust deficit between the Abdullahs and Soz.

What added to complications is the fact that the PDP���s last-ditch effort to stall Omar���s installation came via an offer to provide unconditional support to a Congress regime with Soz as CM. Congress leaders also fear the NC might mess with Soz���s ambitions to renew his berth in the Rajya Sabha.

The fact that Azad has refused the post of CLP leader and is planning to return to the AICC is making many see this RS seat as an interesting toss. Already, some influential players are trying to name a new PCC chief to make working relations with the NC smooth. Touchy stuff, this.

Hot pursuit
SEBI chief C B Bhave was on slippery ground ��� literally ��� when he visited corporate affairs minister Prem Chand Gupta over the weekend to discuss l���affaire Satyam. The media contingent wanted him to speak about the scam, not willing to take no for an answer. However, it seems the instruction to the Sebi boss and corporate affairs secretary Anurag Goel, who was accompanying him, was to keep mum.

As the duo darted through the corridors, with the media in chase, terra firma suddenly disappeared. The corridor was being washed and was wet and slippery. Picture two babus being pursued by a determined lot in the midst of soap, water and excitement! Undeterred, the mediamen surrounded Bhave as he waited for the lift, but the only thing he said was: ���I will speak at an appropriate time���.

The final question, obviously, arose out of frustration: ���Will you comment on the Delhi weather?��� Of course, Bhave let it pass, perhaps aware the climate was red hot despite the January chill!

Poacher���s pick
Here come the vultures. Rival software companies have begun fishing for some of Satyam���s key clients. Satyam has some big names, like Airbus Industrie, Telstra, Coke, etc., as overseas clients, while the big ones at home are BSNL, SBI and so on.

While these clients, for the time being, are adopting a wait-and-watch approach, the new CEO and CFO will have to impress upon them that service delivery will continue as before. But that ain���t stopping rival companies in India and abroad attempting to nibble at Satyam���s client list. Law of the jungle, what?
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