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6 hottest smartwatches available in India

6 hottest smartwatches available in India
6 hottest smartwatches available in India
Text: Savio D Souza, TNN

A watch is all about making a statement. It stays on your wrist and it’s something that everyone notices.

Even in smartwatches, you can choose between factors such as dial size and shape, strap material and colour of bezel.

Now, all of these devices are little more than an additional display for the smartphone in your pocket.

In terms of functionality, smartwatches alert you to message notifications, allow you to set reminders, check your calendar appointments and more, in addition to measuring your heart rate and counting the steps you take.

With a whole variety of smartwatches available in the market today, choosing which one to buy can be a little difficult.

To help you with the same, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 hottest smartwatches available in India.
Pebble Time Steel
Pebble Time Steel
Whether Android or iOS, if you’re shopping on a budget, take a look at the Pebble brand with its Time Steel model.

You get a colour e-paper display on the watch that promises up to seven days of battery life.

Pebble communicates with your smartphone via the Pebble app, which also lets you install customized apps – and it even tracks your fitness.

You get a choice of hundreds of customizable watch faces.
Moto 360 (second-generation)
Moto 360 (second-generation)
If you use an Android handset and are looking for a more formal-looking watch, you can go for the Moto 360 second generation.

Priced at Rs 20,000, it runs on Android Wear OS and communicates with your smartphone via the Android Wear app.

For those wanting a smartwatch for a more active lifestyle, the Moto 360 Sport is a great option.
Huawei Watch
Huawei Watch
Huawei Watch comes with a sharp 42mm AMOLED display, encased in a stainless steel dial and secured by a black leather strap.

Its fully circular display is better than the Moto 360 second gen’s flat-tyre appearance.

It has a variety of watch faces and lets you quickly access all your smartphone notifications.

Having a price tag of Rs 22,999, Huawei Watch is powered by Android Wear OS.
Samsung Gear S2
Samsung Gear S2
If you own a Samsung smartphone, consider the company’s Gear S2 Bearing a price tag of Rs 22,400, it runs on Samsung’s Tizen platform and communicates with your smartphone through the Gear app.

You get a rotatable ring around the watch face for easy menu navigation, and this lets you scroll through apps, menu options and messages.

Apart from this, the Gear S2 can store music and thus be used as a standalone music player (when paired with a Bluetooth headset).

Only downside is that there aren’t many apps.
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
For iPhone users, we would recommend the Apple Watch. Priced at Rs 25,900, the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches out there.

You get a range of apps spread across categories such as fitness, weather, productivity, news, photography, and education.

The watch can also be used to remotely trigger the camera app.
FitBit Blaze
FitBit Blaze
For fitness buffs, the Fitbit Blaze, priced at Rs 20,000 is a great option.

It packs in a heart-rate monitor, and can also track your steps and the calories burned.

You can also set weekly exercise goals, and the data is synced to the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

Like other smartwatches, Fitbit Blaze can display alerts for smartphone notifications.


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