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Apple Watch series 2 : First look

Apple watch series 2: First lookBCCL
Apple watch series 2: First look

Apple released the second series of Apple watch. It is available in five colours.
Body and GPS ConnectivityBCCL
Body and GPS Connectivity
Apple is introducing a new ceramic Watch band.

Apple Watch 2 have built-in GPS.
Now you can swim with watch on!BCCL
Now you can swim with watch on!
They’ve built a machine that just slams watches into water 24/7, simulating swim strokes, to test the water resistance.This series 2 is swim-proof! It uses the speaker as a sonic water impeller to push the water out after a swim.
Apple Watch Nike+BCCL
Apple Watch Nike+
Apple partners with Nike to launch Apple Watch Nike+. It is an Apple Watch for runners!. With it you just tap the “Start” button — or tell Siri to start a run.

It will come in four different colours..

Nike has been a longtime partner of Apple’s.

They’re going to ship — an Apple Watch built with runners in mind.

AppleWatch series 2 will start at $369, as will the #Nike+ version.'
Display and BrightnesssBCCL
Display and Brightnesss
Series 2 also features a new second gen display thats up to 2x brighter — it’s the brightest display on any product we’ve shipped. It’s up to 1000 nits. “That’s a lot of nits!”: Williams


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