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Khadi: All set for a makeover

Making khadi popular, worldwideAgencies
Making khadi popular, worldwide
With government focused on promoting Khadi as a global fabric, the FY 20 Budget allocation has been to the tune of Rs 1252.65 crore towards development of Khadi, Village and Coir Industries. There have been new additions this time which reflect the roadmap ahead. Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is planning to get more advanced production techniques, better designers and reaching even the most inaccessible areas of the country are all a part of KVIC’s plan to make this dream a reality. (Pic: Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Facebook)
Focus on youthAgencies
Focus on youth
The government is focusing on youth and hoping they would adopt Khadi. They are approaching schools, colleges, industries and propagating the importance of Khadi. "It is not just a fabric. It is very important even for the environment. Today, youth is very concerned about the environment so we are teaching them why Khadi is important. Manufacturing of one metre of Khadi requires just 3 litre of water as against 56 litre of water for mill fabric," said VK Saxena, Chairman, KVIC. (Pic: Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Facebook)
All in favour of exportsAgencies
All in favour of exports
There is a fresh focus on the export of khadi. KVIC is planning exhibitions in foreign countries, which will definitely boost the sale. The Modi government has focused on Khadi because it can create employment at the doorstep and that too with a very minimum investment. From 2015-16 and 18-19, the average growth of Khadi is around 28%, which is a big jump. "In ‘18-19, our turnover was Rs 3215 crore, which is a huge difference. The reason behind this growth is aggressive marketing and the support of the government and approaching corporates to join hands with us, which has also given a big boost to Khadi," Saxena said. (Pic: Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Facebook)
Exhibitions and moreAgencies
Exhibitions and more
In the last financial year the government exhibited khadi products in 10 countries and after the success of these, an exhibition was held in October in 50 countries. Other products by the Village Industry is also gaining popularity, including honey, that garners a lot of appeal globally. Special focus would also be on agro-based and food processing, handmade paper and leather, pottery and wellness and cosmetics through product innovation, design and diversification. Setting up four Design Houses all over the country for regional variations and modern designs with an investment of Rs 5 crore each had also been announced. (Pic: Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Facebook)
Issues and solutionsAgencies
Issues and solutions
"We have appointed young designers from NIFT and other institutions. Apart from that, we have a panel of designers who are designing as per the needs of the market. And a very important decision that we have taken is that we have appointed a big company who is stitching all the materials for us. It is cost effective and are flawless materials that we are supplying. This has also given a lot of boost to KVIC and Khadi. We are reaching the remotest part of the country for example, in Leh, Ladakh we have opened centres. In Assam - Kaziranga also we did set up centres. So we are reaching the remotest parts of the country and there is a good response because these people need employment and want to engage themselves and Khadi has that potential," said Saxena. (Pic: Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Facebook)
Creating jobsAgencies
Creating jobs
Khadi Vikas Yojana (KVY) has received the bulk of the grant amounting to Rs 396.46 crore as against a nil component last year. KVY comprises of two new aspects namely RozgarYukt Gaon and Design House, besides the existing schemes like Market Promotion Development Programme, Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certificate and Khadi Reforms Development Programme. This is in sync with a Press Information Bureau release earlier this year which highlighted how the Rozgar Yukta Gaon aims at introducing an 'Enterprise-led Business Model' instead of 'Subsidy-led model' through partnership among three stakeholders - Khadi Reform Development Programme (KRDP)-assisted Khadi Institution, artisans and business partner. (Pic: Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Facebook) (Text: Neha Dewan)
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