Can smartwatches help detect Covid-19 symptoms before they appear?

Measure of vital signsAgencies
Measure of vital signs
According to a study, smartwatches and other wearable devices that continuously measure vital signs can detect changes in the body up to nine days before Covid-19 symptoms appear, according to a study.
Group studiesAgencies
Group studies
Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine in the US analysed data from 32 individuals infected with Covid-19, identified from a group of nearly 5,300 participants.
Body alterationsAgencies
Body alterations
They found that 26 of them (81%) had alterations in their heart rate, number of daily steps or time asleep.
Symptom onsetAgencies
Symptom onset
The study, published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, found that for 22 cases they were able to detect changes before or at symptom onset, with four cases detected at least nine days earlier.
Activity trackerAgencies
Activity tracker
The findings suggest that activity tracking and health monitoring via smartwatches and similar devices may be used for the large-scale, real-time detection of respiratory infections.
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