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Did IMF/ World Bank downgrades mark market bottom?

08:43 Min | October 20, 2019, 4:13 PM IST
Tune in now! What is driving the D-St momentum despite cuts in growth forecasts?
Hi there! This is Saloni Goel from ETMarkets.com and you have tuned into our Sunday special with market expert Rajiv Nagpal.

Bulls are having a great time on Dalal Street and it looks like the rally might be here to stay. But what's really driving the momentum despite cuts in growth forecasts and expectations of a weak set of quarterly earnings? Is the market hopeful that the govt measures will bear fruit soon or is the slowdown not as worse as being projected? Or maybe, the market has found its bottom.

Let's get answers to all these questions and more in this weekend special.

Hello sir, welcome to the show..

>> Five straight sessions of gain and 3 per cent rise for the week on the Nifty. Can I scream bulls are back?

>> There is this saying, when World Bank and IMF come out to ring the alarm bells, you know that the market has found its bottom. Have we just notice something similar on Dalal Street?

>> Slowly but steadily, FIIs seem to be returning to market. Will this trend sustain? What has changed to drive this change in sentiment?

>> Let’s talk earnings. First set of numbers at best delivered some confusing cues. But HUL numbers did give hope as did RIL. What is your reading?

>> Lastly, what would you be watching keenly next week: Brexit vote, earnings or macro data on home front?

Thank you Mr Nagpal for your time and solid insights.
We gotta wrap it here. Wish you listeners a Happy Weekend. Do come back for our weekend special next week and keep checking for our mid-week market analyses in this space. And for round-the-clock market news, remember it's www.etmarkets.com. Bye bye!
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