Got a ‘secret’ market tip? Telegram it

By Pavan Burugula and Anandi Chandrashekhar, ET Bureau | Updated November 22, 2019, 07.11AM IST

MUMBAI: Just a few months ago, if a sharp operator in the markets had a hot tip on a coming merger, he would have gone straight to his WhatsApp group of pals who play the same game, and shared the information. Now, he and his pals are all on Telegram. Not just that, creators of some of these Telegram

attracting certain types of users. Security researchers say the main advantage of Telegram is that the creator of a group or channel cannot be identified. The creator, however, can see, add or remove participants. Some users also think WhatsApp’s US-based servers may be vulnerable to American intelligence agencies, say researchers. Telegram claims its servers are spread across the world.

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