Indian IT likely to reprioritise China business: Analysts

By Anandi Chandrashekhar and Pavan Burugula, ET Bureau | Updated June 30, 2020, 06.06AM IST

IT services providers such as Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro and Infosys are likely to reprioritise their China businesses, as economic stress and unstable geopolitical relations are impacting their already struggling units that have failed to scale up in the Middle Kingdom, analysts said. For these software services providers, growth in China has been challenging as they have been focusing

Wipro Shanghai, Wipro Chengdu and Wipro (Dalian), serving regional as well as global customers. Infosys posted a loss of Rs 768 crore in its Chinese subsidiaries in the last five years since FY 15, while TCS posted a modest profit of Rs 25 crore in the same period. Wipro performed comparatively better with a profit of Rs 142 crore.

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